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The Pantone Colour System in detail

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was developed by the American company Pantone LLC and released on the market over 50 years ago. Today it includes over 1,700 spot colours and is used all over the world.

The Pantone System includes 14 base colours. They are based on a fixed formula and when mixed together in different colour components all the other colours of the respective colour fans are created. The results of these mixture ratios are presented under the respective number codes. Gradation of a colour shade results from the addition of transparent white while the darker nuances become darker. The number codes of the Pantone colours are also characterised by U, C or M. These abbreviations stand for uncoated, coated and matt and indicate whether the respective spot colour is suitable for uncoated, coated or matt paper.

An impressive printing process for your beautiful Pantone® colours. Colour is very important to brand identity, and can be the first way potential clients recognize your company. To maintain and further strengthen your brand image and increase instant recognition, accurate and consistent colour reproduction is crucial. With the help of Pantone® Inks and the Pantone Matching System™, we ensure that your brand colours are accurately reproduced every time.

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